MYS: Breaking the Status Quo with 'My First Superyacht'

By Ben Roberts

Ocean Independence, joins us at the Breaking News Centre to showcase their new and exciting initiative My First Superyacht. Discussing the move toward a new demographic of clients, inviting change and a development within the industry, the brokerage landscape for Ocean Independence remains as exciting now as ever before.

“We deliberately set out to be disruptive,” explains Toby Maclaurin, Marketing Director of Ocean Independence. “We were looking at the luxury lifestyle space and really how can we as brokers get new customers we really think that brokers, we’re a bit dull. We talk a lot about how the yachts are technically advanced, we talk about engines and air conditioning systems and satellite communication systems.

What we have not communicated so well, is that we have all of this wonderful technology and the beautiful yachts, but what does that mean in terms of experience. What does that mean for the charterer for the client, the focus is on these multi-generational holidays and experiences that the wonderful world of superyachts can offer.”

The ‘My First Superyacht’ initiative is dedicated to stripping-back the specifics and bringing the experience to the client through a digital platform, backed up by decades of combined experience from the Ocean Independence team.

For more information on the importance of bringing new blood into the industry through new and innovative ways, as well as the changing landscape of the brokerage, yachting and industry, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts