MYS: Burgess Discuss the Modern Yachting Landscape

By Christina Tsangaris

With an ever expanding brokerage landscape with new owners, designs and larger-than-life sales, Burgess Yachts remain major contenders within the blossoming brokerage industry, bringing the famed M/Y Jubilee to Port Hercules and presenting a dynamic and vibrant global fleet.

Joined by Jonathan Beckett at The Breaking News Centre, we gain a closer insight into the modern market landscape and the largest yacht on display at the Monaco Yacht Show, as the Top 100 demand flourishes now more than ever.

When it comes to the 'yachting landscape' the client demographic in the U.S remains stronger than ever, regardless of the ambiguity of its political climate.“The current market landscape is very strong in America" states Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess Yachts. "With Trump there’s a nervousness about where the market’s going to go in the next 24 months but historically America has always been the world’s biggest yachting market and it still is today.” 

Continuing the theme of 'biggest' nothing quite says size and volume than this years talking point; Jubilee, and the biggest fleet of Top 100 yachts the Monaco Yacht Show has ever seen. 

“I think it’s true to say yachts are continuing to get bigger,” explains Jonathan Beckett, CEO of Burgess Yachts. “We’re seeing yachts 10 years ago at 50 metres, today they’re 65 or 70 metres. There were few yachts 70-metres plus and today you’re looking at yachts like Jubilee […] the whole yachting industry is growing up.”

With Jubilee at the show we spoke to Jonathan Beckett about the primary showcase available this weekend. “Custom built for one man, she’s got very striking lines and she’s a departure from anything you’ve seen on the water before. Very distinctive, very exciting profile, and it’s the wow factor that a lot of people have been waiting for.”

Although the award-winning Jubilee continues to be the crowning yacht at the Monaco Yacht Show, Jonathan Beckett teased an upcoming project which could continue the excitement around the current new-build landscape.

“We’ve delivered two of the world’s largest yachts in the last two years, we’ve got something bigger than that on drawing board at the moment which is very exciting.”

For more information on the new-build market, American activity and the latest projects underway, watch the above video in full.

By Christina Tsangaris