MYS: Claydon Reeves Discuss a New Take on Design

By Ben Roberts

With a brand-new 36-metre on the docks last week, alongside a number of new design debuts, Claydon Reeves are in the spotlight more than ever before. We caught up with James Claydon & Mike Reeves, Founding Partners of the UK design studio, to find out more about their latest examples of speed, style and space.

“The big thing for the show is that we have our new 36-metre from Mulder Shipyard Delta One,” explains Mike Reeves, “we’re also launching and unveiling our project with Fincantieri Project Linea, we’re also spreading the word of the Aeroboat brand so there’s are the main things ticking along in the background.”

The primary discussion surrounding space is Delta One, one of the latest boats in the waters of Port Hercules, as James Claydon explains; “This is our second boat with Mulder, two years ago we launched Solis here … [Delta One] is very efficient, very fast, but she’s very large on the inside so we’ve really done a lot of work on the packaging so you feel like you’re on a much bigger boat for a 36 metre.

An example of speed and style can be found in the latest Aeroboat design, powered by Rolls Royce with an approach to onboard lifestyle with genuine design solution and exquisite styling.

“We designed it to be the best 65 foot day boat in the world. We’re taking the direction to turn her into a micro superyacht. So rather than a typical 65 foot boat we’re taking a superyacht and miniaturizing it. The big news is we’ve collaborated with Rolls Royce Plc, we’re using all their equipment in the drive train and they’ve gone on to declare her as ‘powered by Rolls Royce’.”

“This is the first time I think that they’ve put their name on the side of a boat […] we’ve packed it full of not only their hardware but all the knowledge we’ve found from our experience in the bigger yachts. People want something special […] not only can you arrive in this boat looking fantastic, but you can get off in great style.”

Announcing a new project at the Monaco Yacht Show, we also discussed the Linea project with the two designers and their latest collaboration with Fincantieri. For more information on the project, as well as the latest Aeroboat and Delta One launches, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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