MYS: CRN on Creating a Global Home with Cloud 9

By Ben Roberts

After four months on board, living life on the water with family in the surroundings of complete bliss - thanks to the interior talents of Winch Design - the client behind the 74-metre CRN superyacht Cloud 9 is, understandably, happy.

Joining us at the Breaking News Centre, we speak to Stefano de Vivo (CCO of CRN) about the changing attitudes to life on board, and the world of new projects underway in Ancona.

The Zuccon International exterior of Cloud 9 is immediately recognisable in the heart of Port Hercules, and a standing reflection of the evolution underway at CRN. Not only do the flowing lines act as a standing character for Cloud 9, but famously work with the seamlessly designed interiors offering a beach chic feel to the boat.

In fact, it’s not hard to see why an owner would want to spend so much time on board. From the very beginning, Stefano discloses, "The owner sat down and said, 'I want a charter boat, but I want a boat where I can stay with my family on board, have my kids studying on board. I want to stay six months of the year on the boat.'"

This very anecdote tells why the changing tides of lifestyle can be found on board, with a gymnasium which transforms into a school with an on board teacher, and a relaxed style that would make it difficult to step off-board.

The new projects underway continue the focus on lifestyle, working with a feature that Stefano dubs, 'Double-DNA'. He clarifies the new way CRN is heading by explaining this concept, "The yacht has to be used as a charter yacht which means one week, maximum 2 weeks, maximum space for usablity but it also has to have a lot of things for long periods aboard."

The success of Double DNA is told by the owner, who took delivery on board Cloud 9 and didn't leave for 141 days, only stepping off on the first afternoon of the Monaco Yacht Show!

Building on the yard's success, aside from Cloud 9, Stefano speaks on design innovation and being one of the most advanced shipyards in the world. From investment to research and development, watch the full CRN interview in the video above.

By Ben Roberts
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