MYS: DAMEN & EYOS on Exploring New Territories

By Christina Tsangaris

Marking an exciting new age for Explorer Yachts, Victor Caminada Marketing manager for Amels, Damen Shipyard Group and Rob McCallum a Founding Partner of EYOS Expeditions, share their power partnership in creating the, Damen Sea Explorer, proving the Explorer market is more exciting now more than ever before.

Staying true to the tradition of the Breaking News Centre, Victor Caminda and Rob McCallum entered our studio, model in hand, with the first preview of their never-seen-before 55-metre vessel; the Damen Sea Explorer. Calling adventurers to the ice breaking Atlantic, at the edge of the ecological wonders of the world, and in touching distance to nature's creatures, this Sea Explorer, tried and tested, ice-breaks its way into world-class territory.

Tough, masculine with contemporary lines that offer a clean minimalism most desired, it is a vision to behold even in miniature form. Before words are shed, it is clear design has met functionality in a market of Explorers that seem to have dominated in demand. 

"The Sea Explorer range has been designed with practioners involved right from the very start. We've been fortunate enogh to run up 780 visits to the Antarctic, and 550 to the Arctic and we've distilled all of that hard on experience into this design. So you have a very experienced shipyard one of Europe's largest boat builders coming to join an experienced practitioner."

'Join', a word that does not give justice to the real sense of expert fusing of design, technology and efficiency. Two specialists who boast backgrounds that define exceptionalism, a match with a vision; to answer a consumer demand most renown in yachting, to fulfil an appetite of adventure.  

Hosting 12 guests, with each and every corner of the Sea Explorer carefully thought out with precision, and each and every function put into practice.

To hear more about the rising trend in explorers and Amels' and Damen's past year in perspective, watch the full interview, above. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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