MYS: Entertainment, Comfort & Security with Video Works

By Christina Tsangaris

The world of superyacht technology has never been more exciting, nor more challenging. Answering to the trends of superyacht technology, from practical functionalities to cutting-edge entertainment, Founder of Video Works Maurizio Minossi invites us into the world of superyacht technology as he combats the heightened anxieties surrounding cyber security; a threat across the yachting community.

As superyacht build and design shifts away from the traditional and into contemporary-cool territory, the world of technology naturally follows suit. Video Works, a pioneer in the field of superyacht technology, commits to solving all the practical comforts for an owner. From the simplicity of light and sound, to the integration of bespoke entertainment, Video Works find both solutions and enhancements to the  day-to-day functionalities that matter. 

Control usability for temperature, light, and other on-board systems, make functionality swift, modern, easy and accessible-wherever you are on board- putting the notion of control into owners hands.

Yet, beyond creature comforts, entertainment demands dominate the world of on-board technology. Discussing tthis Maurizio Minossi Founder of Video Works shares; "Mainly the points that we work on is one; emotions. We try to create great video and great sounds to enjoy top quality of this functions. The second is the possibility of the guest and owner to access the internet in a fast and safe way."

However, with the pressing issue of cyber security, Video Works aknowledge the ever pressing urgency for safer systems to be in place ; "There is for instance wifi security, that no one can enter the outside of a yacht" explains Maurizio Minosi, when sharing some of the challenges faced in superyacht security. 

Yet when it comes to limits in technology for their superyacht clients, whether it's for the latest door functionality, sensor generated lighting or a cutting-edge entertainment system, Maurizio Minossi makes it clear the sky really is the limit. 

"For me, the limits are the spaces into the vessel and the fact technology must keep running without any problems. It must be functional. I think [in terms of client demands] there are no limits, we must come up with a solution for all owner requests."  states Maurizio Minossi.

We look forward to seeing how Video Works develop as they answer to unque owner demands, trends, and tastes, leading the way across the sector. 

By Christina Tsangaris