MYS: Fincantieri on the European Sensibility of Linea

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Fincantieri, the Italian shipyard with the commercial edge to support its creative output and European sensibility, joins us at the Breaking News Centre to discuss the two giant vessels under their belt, rumours of its new-build project and a “new way” to build that leaves us at the edge of our seats for the next build-design partnership on the horizon.

Mauro Parodi, Head of Sales at the biggest shipyard in Italy, begins by sharing the secrets to Fincantieri's success story, "Let me say that there is no secret behind, in reality what I can say is that we have a long story and the tradition of a good attitude to engineering and towards the construction pocecss so we can offer a guarantee to the client."

In short, Mauro puts their position in the industry down to history and attitude: an extremely modest approach from an industry leader.

With a target market of 70m plus, the shipyard is known for blending a certain kind of creative flair, commercial approach and of course has a big backing. But, Mauro describes the yard's 'new way of building' as another idea unique to Fincantieri.

"You must be fully updated with news and new rules so the attitude towards new safety regulations, the attitude towards regulations in becoming more green, to improve the capacity that a vessel have a better friendly approach to environmental considerations, to be always updated" Mauro continues, "so commercial normally comes first."

Moving on to the concepts that take on this mantra, Mauro discusses further the yard's design collaborations and their 90m with Claydon Reeves, revealed just yesterday. To watch the interview in full, click the video above.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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