MYS: Floating Life on the Fall of Old School Thinking

By Ben Roberts

The superyacht market expertise of Floating Life is a highly sought-after asset when embarking on the journey of ownership, build and management. We speak to Andrea Pezzini about the explorer fleet underway across the world, and approaching a new demographic with a new school of thinking.

Having seen both K Series construction projects in the flesh, the excitement surrounding the project is well-deserved. A yacht capable of crushing ice and cruising the world in complete autonomy, the K40 - the first of the K Series - will be unveiled in the very near future.

“I received a request for the client two year ago she asked me to do something special for a tour around the world,” explains Andrea Pezzini. “I’ve managed in the past three tours around the world and I said okay we can do the hull for you […] We tested the hull, it has a very good performance in the tank and then I prepare one other construction of K42, and now i’m working on the 43, and the 45.”

“It’s going very well, the K40 is about 60 percent complete,” adds Pezzini, “we’re supposed to launch the boat December, beginning of January [...] then the client will go around the world.”

The rise of the explorer is a product of a new market coming to the fore, with new demands and a changing taste for adventure and longevity on board. When asked about how the market is faring, Pezzini highlighted the necessity behind a change in approach.

“The approach of the client market is totally different,” concludes Pezzini. “The old school doesn’t work, honestly. The new client is much more demanding, many customise standard requests and you see it all around the world that yards that were based on fixed projects don’t work.”

For more on the K Series fleet, the future of Floating Life and the services evolving at the expert house, watch the video above.

By Ben Roberts
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