MYS: Fraser Yachts, As Powerful As Ever.

By Rose Lishman

CEO of Fraser Yachts, Raphael Sauleau, joins us at the Breaking News Centre to discuss the current motion in market trends, their dynamic fleet on the market and their plans to continue to build in sale strength in the 25 to 50-metre market as Fraser Yachts remain as powerful as ever.

Answering to each and every consumers desire, while ensuring the legacy of Fraser Yachts remains as powerful as ever before, Raphael Sauleau shares the successful facts and figures that have dominated 2017 as they approach their 70th anniversary.

Speaking on the brokerage statistics from the past year,, Raphael shared, "This year as the previous year, we saw an increase of the sales mainly in 24-50m." He continues, "The 40m plus to 50m has been active, but we did see a decrease in 60m plus. Where we find the business today is between 25-50m." 

Fraser Yachts stronger than ever client base; continues to be the U.S as well as a their steady demand from Europe. Even with the new-build decrease, their figures remain stable and strong; 189 units proving a dynamic market that continues to thrive. He elaborated further, "We saw the price per metre decrease but the number of sales increase," 

Adding to another talking point across Brokerage is Fraser Yachts firm stance in the Explorer market, both in sale and management. Their confidential explorer project signed this week follows the success of the Explorer Vessel Legend, a vessel made for off-the-beaten-track discoveries. To Raphael Sauleau this is synonymous with the emerging charter demographic, a generation who look toward discovery, rather than simply luxury. 

Conservation has become increasingly important to Fraser Yachts; reflected by their newest partnership with CanOwater and their commited agenda into ocean conservation.  "The sea is our playground" states Raphael Sauleau, where he believes the industry should collectively move towards. 

To hear more about Fraser Yachts' year in developments, their successful year and their perspective on the latest emerging trends, watch the full interview above.

By Rose Lishman