MYS: Giorgio M. Cassetta's New Signature Style

By Ben Roberts

A rising star in the design community, Giorgio M. Cassetta of GMC Design shares his latest portfolio of large and luxurious vessels created in a humble office in the heart of Rome. From the 100m+ Benetti superyacht project, to the radically different reality of speed; Giorgio is a creative to watch closely.

The styling of GMC Design is bringing some revolutionary new projects to the water, with a top secret giant in the shed and the high-profile Spectre superyacht underway for a prolific American owner.

“I have three big boats in build,” explains Giorgio M. Cassetta, “Three custom boats beside semi custom. I have three custom build in Benetti, one is absolutely secret, the other two are known to the market a 69m FB 269, Staluppi new boat which is going to be a very interesting project because it packs a lot of technological innovation aside from the nice design we’ve tried to build for him […] then we’ve the 63m FB 276 Plumb Bow which has been built on specification at Benetti but we’ve recently found a gentleman from Northern Europe that has boats and is going to complete and finish it, he’s very happy.

The younger generation of design is bringing a fresh view to match the changing approach of today’s owner, and Giorgio M. Cassetta is using a history of design obsession to accommodate the shifting needs of life on board.

“I think the approach the owners have to building a new boat has changed quite dramatically over the last few years," adds Giorgio. "Until maybe ten or five years ago your average sized big boat 50 - 70-metre would more or less share the same GA that all the other boats in that size range have. Today the owner’s are more focussed on their own way of designing a boat and something that’s more logical for them.”

For a closer view of the design signature of GMC Design and to find out more about creating boats with a new approach, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts