MYS: Icon Yachts on Converting Future Explorers

By Ben Roberts

The exploration experts from the heart of The Netherlands, Icon Yachts joined us the Breaking News Centre last week to discuss the latest projects underway in the shipyard and the brand-new conversion adventure project, Ragnar and the current heat surrounding conversions.

“We have our latest conversion which is motor yacht legend,” explains Marcel de Kern Royer, Business Development at Icon Yachts. “Which is an explorer, a real ice breaker. It’s been going to the most remote places, antarctica, iceland, heliskiing in greenland, having lunch on icebergs and I think that’s very unique.”

Icon are well known for their work on Legend, which has become one of the most celebrated charter yachts of today; able to travel the world in style and stability. Converted into the luxury explorer that took to the port last week for the MYS, we gain an insight into the trend of conversion and the new projects behind them.

“We’re hearing a lot about conversions,” adds Marcela de Kern Royer, “so after we launched legend we’re now doing a 68m conversion, another ice class, we’re hearing more and more about conversions, getting a lot of leads and interest. Conversions are half the time it takes your for a new build […] we’re hearing a lot of conversion trends right now.”

The demand for far-flung reaches, new destinations and new experiences is beginning to dominate conversations across the industry, and Icon Yachts are bringing a proven level of expertise to this growing market.

“We are going to be focussed on new-builds, explorers and conversions," concludes Marcela de Kern Royer, "we’re having a lot of refits for a lot of Northern European new builds and we have some more coming out after that, but you’ll have to wait for Fort Lauderdale.”

For more information about the future of conversion, the value, excitement and future landscape of the market as well as a new project insight, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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