MYS: Intrinsically Linking Yachts and NetJets

By Rose Lishman

Where private aviation meets unrivalled luxury and comfort, NetJets remains a contender unsurpassed in its sector. Joining us at the Breaking News Centre, we discuss why this mode of luxury travel remains as popular as ever, as we discuss the trend in the most luxury, sought after destinations and the changing demands of its customers that follow with it.

Speaking about the intrinsically linked connection between the world of superyachts and private jets, Kevin MacNaughton, Head of Sales at the company, told us about the year in successses, and exactly what owning a fraction of a private jet means for yacht owners.

Reporting strong figures for 2017 so far, Kevin expanded on the luxury and ease of adding a private jet to your convenience,"Instead of owning a whole aircraft you can buy a fraction of the aircraft with Netjets we take away alot of the hassle that comes wih that. You can buy a share from as little as 50 hours a year." states Kevin MacNaughton.

If the flexibility of getting a Netjets private aircraft in little as ten hours, the company have a wealth of perks for their customers. "We fly into 5,000 airports globally, where many airports can't access commercial airlines." offering a bespoke service tailored to each clients needs with privacy and comfort. 

Continuing to see their market share grow, the first half of 2017 their flight revenue hours have increased by 4%, with August this year stealing the limelight, with a 17% increase in flight hours marking an astounding summer for the company.

As technology desired develop, in-flight entertainment continues to be an investment point for the luxury private aircraft company as they push the boundaries to create a lifestyle for the Netjets community not just a journey. 

To learn more about NetJets perfect match for superyacht owners, watch the full interview above. 

By Rose Lishman