MYS: Moran on an Active American New Build Market

By Christina Tsangaris

A tradition for Moran Yachts is breaking news with us at the Breaking News Centre. True to form, President Rob Moran of Moran Yacht & Ship, shares the signing of their 64-metre vessel, the current landscape of new build, catering to an ever-growing Top 100 market, and bringing exploration to the forefront.

This week, Moran Yacht & Ship announced the sale of the latest, and largest ever to be built, Hakvoort project Fast Track. This is the 7th vessel Moran has worked on with the Dutch yard and will be launched in 2019. 

"[For in-build] Next year we will be delivering an 100-metre.We have two other 85-metres and a 95-metre both in production right now." With selection of Top 100 vessels in the pipeline, it is abundantly clear the thriving new-build production for Moran Yacht & Ship moves into another year of success.

As well as this, they remain responsible for the sale and mangagement of some of the largest yachts in the world, and with a positive view on the American market; "I think the US is going to be a driver for the next 10 years at least." states Rob Moran of Moran Yacht & Ship. As he joins the hot topic on the lips of many brokers regarding the stability of the American client across the international brokerage landscape. 

As naturally demands evolve within the industry, an emerging trend that dominates (aside from the conventional massage parlours, hair salons and spas) is a move towards exploration. This shift towards self sufficiency, freedom and discovery, the ability to immerse into nature translates directly into the Moran Yacht & Ship build's Explorer Vessel Market, with ice glass hull features another design-meets-functionality creation for this current demand.

The concensus from Rob Moran? "The yachting industry has never been stronger."

Watch the full video above for a deeper insight into the new-build hub of America and the new projects underway.

By Christina Tsangaris