MYS: New Launches and Enhanced Memberships with ACREW

By Christina Tsangaris

ACREW, dedicated to developing the skills of captain and crew through a series of worldwide workshops and training, joins us at the Breaking News Centre to discuss their enhanced memberships, new up and coming events and how crew professional development directly impacts superyacht owners.

From the growth of international events, their dynamic range of worldwide workshops and now their enhanced professional membership, the world of captain and crew couldn't be more exciting. ACREW, now in their 6th year as prime service and support provider for captain and crew, have newly developed an enhanced membership distinguishing themselves once more across the superyacht sector. 

Already a global presence, ACREW join us at the Breaking News Centre to discuss some of their newest ventures, as they work with destination partners around the world to provide a service that ensures quality skills and a fulfilling professional development journey for all superyacht captain and crew.

Their newly enhanced membership offers a range of exciting services; with more additions to an already successful range of benefits. “We are now launching 'Crew United' which is our enhanced membership." explains Abigail McGrath, Managing Partner at ACREW. 

"Everything we have done to date has been free for captains and crew. We’ve now incorpirated a professional membership, as well as the free events, free networking and free workshops we have also added a new level of online learning with our E-learning platform."

As they develop their range of services, offering everything from medical courses to security courses to a host of further benefits, it is clear the advantages of ACREW are endless.

Yet, beyond the host of benefits to the superyacht captains and crew, the direct impact for the owners is evident; better service, optimised management and a self-fulfilment for crew members equally as important for the quality of on-board hospitality experienced by any owner. 

Carrying an important philosophy; ACREW are passionate to push for both the personal and professional development for crew members, both in skills, confidence, personability and professionalism, as they shine across the superyacht sector. 

To listen to the full interview and learn more about the upcoming events on ACREW's agenda, watch the full video above. 

By Christina Tsangaris