MYS: Nick Hill's Expert Take on Modern Yachting

By Ben Roberts

Professional yacht management requires a formidable amount of expertise across the board, and Nick Hill - Partner of Hill Robinson - is one of the leading men in the management market. With new offices around the world, Nick Hill joins us in the Breaking News Centre to discuss a current take on the major factors behind the global market landscape.

“It’s hard to make a general comment about a very wide ranging market sector,” explains Nick Hill, “but I think clients are much more educated and much more aware of new technology. People are much keener to go exploring in different areas, not just in St. Tropez. You see a wide variety of new designs which is quite incredible between Cannes, with Production Boats, to Monaco, with Custom One-off Boats. There’s a trend for more toys, more helicopters, more submarines and more appendages that mean bigger decks or support boats.”

Having delivered his first yacht in 1984, the seasoned view of Nick Hill tells us that the want for ‘more’ isn’t just about size, but style and substance. New places mean more toys and bigger decks, which are causing a knock on effect to new design and new solutions; meaning the superyacht industry is alive and well with broader demands.

“Despite the European Market problems and Brexit,” adds Hill, “it looks to me that the superyacht industry in all markets is booming.” The new-build and refit market managers also led onto another booming market; “We see the refit market absolutely booming in the med and US, we’ve opened an office in Palm Beach and we see the refit market as our biggest growth sector in the coming years.”

With modern new-build taking a form through the world’s biggest yards, size markets showing strength across all sectors and refit becoming the emerging trend over 2018, watch the full video for more expertise from the Hill Robinson point-of-view.

By Ben Roberts
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