MYS: Palumbo Group On The Edge of The Top 100

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

With the 80-metre plus sector stealing the limelight this MYS, it is no surprise that Palumbo Group boast a Top 100 spectacle worth talking about. With this focus, and a turning page of a new era, there are plenty of ways to action the pitfalls of a modern new-build landscape, something the company combat with excellence.

Talking about the integration of Columbus and ISA and the balance Palumbo now offers for superyacht owners across the world, Francesco Carbone, General Manager of the group discussed the global shipyards and large number of yachts now in-build. With seven shipyards across to the Mediterranean, the shipyard network boast locations from Marseille to Ancona, with the yachting side; Columbus and ISA is todays focus. 

For the ISA platform; 63-metre and 65-metre dominate; with exteriors by Enrico Gobbi who's thriving portfolio speaks volumes. For Columbus their upcoming projects under construction are famed for custom yachts'; "We've got a few projects under contstruction; we just sold a 65m recently from what we call the classic line, we just sold another 43m in all aluminium, we are building another 67m under construction, and we'll keep our fingers crossed!" states Francesco Carbone. 

The key to a bright and successful future according to Francesco Carbone? Partnership; teaming up across the industry to offer only the finest collaboration between buildership and design across the superyacht sector.

To see the full interview and learn more about Palumbo's current projects, watch the video above.

By Rose-Hannah Lishman