MYS: Putting the Show in Showstopper

By Christina Tsangaris

Gathering the yachting industry to the hub of the Cote d’Azure, the Monaco Yacht Show showcases luxury vessels like nowhere else in the world. As we host the Breaking News Centre once more, we discuss the key displays and events, growth and evolution putting the show in ‘showstopper’, showcasing another year of success.

Over the years the Monaco Yacht Show has united the idustry fulflling the need of the exhibitors and visitors alike. Now, on its 27th year, the show unites the yachting industry once again showcasing luxury in an event that goes above and beyond to merge the world of tenders, toys, luxury automobiles, private aircrafts and of course; yachts.

How to fulfil the needs of the exhibitors, to make it a place where builders and designers choose to showcase their work, it must encompass something truly special; something the Monaco Yacht Show succeeds in time and time again.

The vessels on display never seize to disappoint, and this year there are no exceptions."This year we welcome 45 new yachts making their world premiere here." says Gaelle Tallarida, Managing Director of the Monaco Yacht Show. "I'm so happy to have fantastic yachts on display, the averge size 49-metre it's really impressive. The biggest here is Jubilee at 110-metres long,"

Yet, it is also about answering to client demands, Gaelle Tallarida continues; "We are listening to the trends and what clients like!"  an important factor when answering to the luxury sector, as the years trends develop and make their debut against the backdrop of rustic Mediterranean glamour synonymous with Monaco. 

Watch the full interview above for a view on the latest edition of the show, the display at hand and the growing stage in the spotlight this week.

By Christina Tsangaris