MYS: Redefining Standards with Porto Montenegro

By Ben Roberts

The heart of Montenegro is the key to unlocking the Adriatic, a cruising ground now more in the sights of yacht owners than ever before thanks to the Porto Montenegro Marina Village. Speaking with Marina Director Tony Browne, we find out more about the major attractions bringing superyachts to the breathtaking world of the East Mediterranean.

The Adriatic, at the southern end, stretches right up through the thousand islands of Croatia so really you can enjoy a new anchorage every single day, or every single meal,” explains Tony Browne. “It’s dotted with beautiful medieval walled cities, so it really is a fantastic location all the way up to Venice.”

With interest in the West Mediterranean still apparent, the worldview of the yacht owner is nonetheless wandering to find new and interesting cruising grounds; and Porto Montenegro is at the heart of this migration from West to East.

“It’s the landscape, it’s the change, it’s new destinations. We’re humans, we love to travel,” adds Tony Browne. “We love to see new places. You have a yacht so you can explore that freedom with family and friends and it’s really opening up as the go-to place. Porto Montenegro, right in the heart of it, we’ve really set up what we think is a the hub for the area. We try and make the life of the Captain and Crew that are operating on charters in and out of the Adriatic as easy as possible.”

It’s this ease of life, the simplicity through cutting-edge amenities and advanced view of the development, means those docking - be it owner or crew - are looked after from the moment they decide to head East.

This was perfectly showcased at the latest edition of the nascent MYBA Pop-up Superyacht Show in Porto Montenegro, a display that brought together brokers and charter agents to learn more about the world of Montenegro and the islands beyond.

“We hosted a MYBA Pop-Up Show, so that was a really good opportunity for us to continue to introduce all the agents and brokers to what is a new region and destination. The Platinum Award which was awarded to us by The Yacht Harbour Association and the Global Marina Institute is the first ever Platinum award to be issued to any marina, so we’re really proud of that. Ten years ago Porto Montenegro didn’t exist.”

To find out more about what makes the Porto Montenegro Marina Village worthy of a mold-breaking award, a world’s first and the new answer to cruising, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts