MYS: Sailing Beyond Classics with Ken Freivokh

By Christina Tsangaris

Boasting what can only be described as industry shifting projects; Black Pearl, Maltese Falcon to name a few, the range of large sailing vessels have stolen the spotlight on one ground; a deviation from the classic. Ken Freivokh joins us at the Breaking News Centre for an insight into the projects with the signature Freivokh touch in the sailing sector and those on the horizon for the talented team of designers.

Always "trying to innovate" it is no surprise both the consumers and the producers are keen, if not adement, the move forward in design is to break the boundaries of traditional that may have arguably held back the industry. 

Speaking on the latest sailing-yacht projects that have taken the industy by storm, Freivokh begins, "It's not exactly coincidental that they're both dyan rig sailing yachts but we're just interested in something that's innovative, with greener technology and the opportunity to design something different."

Yet, it is also about finding solutions. Solutions both for larger yachts but also for sustainability, with practicality becoming a factor not exempt to the design industry. How to also remain 'unqiue' is also a pressing topic, where remaining distinctive and distinguished without emulation remains an inevitable debate across the design world.  

He continued, speaking about where his passion lies, "Probably smaller, every inch counts... every little part has to be designed. All the smaller boats and planes have such unique shapes. Around a certain size, you can have anything you want!"

While a number of big projects roll in, these smaller projects allow Ken Freivokh a design freedom, a canvas for innovation he showcases with talent time and time again.

Talking further about the lean towards 'green' the trend in finding the 'perfect tender', and what it means to be unique, watch the full interview with Ken, above. 

By Christina Tsangaris
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