MYS: Sarp Yachts Discuss Their Second Venture

By Christina Tsangaris

Waving the flag for build in Turkey, Emre Sandan Shipyard Manager of Sarp Yachts, shares with us the successful reception of Sarp Yachts latest construction La Passion, and how the yard plan to follow this success with their newest 55-metre project, answering to the growing demands of the 40-metre plus sector.

Building yachts "with their heart and with passion"  Sarp Yachts latest superyacht La Passion captures this notion entirely. "We tried to make this high quality as possible. We also consider not only the places the clients see or touch but also build it into the structure." states Emre Sandan, Shipyard Manager of Sarp Yachts. 

Yet, when it comes to building on the success of their first vessel, Emre Sandan shares the dedication of Sarp Yachts in surpassing their current portfolio. "After we complete the first yacht we sit with our team and speak about what we're going to do after the first one. The people love it, the industry loves the quality, so we need to do something better than the first one to discuss what is going to be the next." 

Looking into the future, post Monaco Yacht Show, Sarp Yachts plan is abitious.  Emre Sandan states their plan is "to create 9 new models; with a 55-metre featuring an exterior by Hot Lab Yacht & Design" proving power lies in partnership and a strong desire to answer to the growth of the 40-metre plus sector.

For the Turkish shipyard, design in the future will be inspired heavily by nature; blending the exterior and interior to further allow an owner an immersion into the great outdoors.  As they continue to make their mark across the industry, Sarp Yachts go from strength to strength with the aim to distinguish themselves as global contenders both nationally and internationally.

By Christina Tsangaris
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