MYS: Spain's Up & Coming Superyacht Gem Port Denia

By Christina Tsangaris

Nothing says hidden gem of the Mediterranean, than Spanish hotspot Port Denia. Albert Morell, General Manager of Port Denia and Philippe Brandligt, Business Development Manager & Naval Architect, shares with us their newest collaborations, berthing facilities, refits, and why this enticing location is perfectly situated for a charming stop-off at Port Denia.

Distinguishing themselves across the Spanish region, the simple allure of Port Denia couldn't be simpler. Located between Alicante and Valencia, and 50 miles, from the party beats of Ibiza, nothing say's a charming charter point than Port Denia, with its idyllic location playing into its favour.

Factors such as the Spanish Charter Law, a change having taken place in 2014, is just another contributing factor to the increase in Marina Traffic for the Spanish region; putting Port Denia on the map now, more than ever before.

"The new law has given more confidence to the owner" states Alber Morell, General Manager of Port Denia. "For the customers of a charter it is perfect. We have Ibiza infront of Denia just 15 miles and so it has grown alot, with this year yachts using Denia as a base." 

With all the provincial allure of a port town, Port Denia's thriving culinary scene boasting a  Michelin-star restaurant, coupled with its rich culture  corners makes it a quaint stop off as you make your way across the Med.

It's facilities at Port Denia, accomodating 65-70-metre superyachts with a marina boasting a slip catering to 135-metres, there is no doubt superyachts are more than welcome. Alongside its refit facilities, something the team have plans to continue to grow from strength to strength, allowing owners to relish in the regions beauty while their superyacht is in safe hands. 

Described as a  "golden spot" of potential by Philippe Brandligt usiness Development Manager & Naval Architect. "We go to the vessels, or the vessels come to us. We make a worklist for one of our project managers, translate that in the offer and give this to the owners to decide if they would like to use Denia for a refit or a repaint job."

Remaining hands-on in every way,  their prime goal is to meet the highest expectations of their clients at Port Denia. "For smaller works we have an in-house group of workers" continues Philippe Brandligt.  "If they have the capability of executing that job, what we always try to do is meet our customers expectations."  something they do with passionate commitment and unrivalled dedication.

By Christina Tsangaris