MYS: Strength in Synergy with Compositeworks

By Christina Tsangaris

With the world of refits expanding and changing faster than ever before, we sit down with Commercial Director of Compositeworks Rob Papworth to discuss the trends in superyacht refit and their power partnership with MB92 that has become their biggest announcement at this years Monaco Yacht Show.

The world of refits, with trends ever emerging is more exciting now than ever before. With this in mind, Compositeworks a key leading member of superyacht refits shares with us the increased desires for a superyacht client, from space and bigger cabins to the cosmetic revamps that take a yacht from classic and traditional to unrecognisably contemporary. 

Yet beyond the trends evidenced in their thriving portfolio of superyacht refits, their latest partnership with MB92 has stolen the limelight; an organic synergy that was inevitable. "We've been talking to MB2 for several years about the possibility of teaming up" says Rob Papworth, Commerical Director of Compositeworks. "We very much work in the same market sectors working with the 30m+, but we're really concentrating on the megayacht sector". 

When it comes to this sector, this is where new interest lies for the leaders in refit. "We believe really strongly in the 70-100m+ sector" continues Rob Papworth. A natural calling as yachts become larger, management and build becomes more complex and the world of refits follow suit opening up a world of potential for superyacht owners. 

Catering to this new sector, their wealth of facilities for this size include the devlopment of a 4,000 ton shiplift for boats up to 120-metres, as "big boats with big assetts" lead the way across the superyacht industry. With 110-metre Jubilee on show this MYS, it is no surprise the Top 100 vessels have impacted the industry, reshaping the approach even refit yards are taking through incentives to cater to this ever-growing sector. 

What really matters to these refit professionals? "Staying always ahead of the curve" states Rob Papworth "We are always trying to be better and we believe strongly in protecting our brand." Compositeworks go from strength to strength with this newest synergy just an example of staying ahead in the refit game.

By Christina Tsangaris
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