MYS: VSY on Creating an Eco Movement in Yachting

By Ben Roberts

For the superyacht industry, sustainability is a long way from reality, but the most progressive shipyard backing the evolution of ecologically responsible construction is VSY; who joined us in the Breaking News Centre to explain the rise of the conscious owner, and the eco-friendly approach to yachting.

“Doing well by doing good is the message we deliver to the superyacht sector,” states Vienna Eleuteri, Sustainability Manager for VSY. “Now we are really happy to share this value into all the value chain, at SYBAss we made some important steps forward. We embraced a general and collective definition of sustainability and we are working on that with a specific agenda of implementing all of these issues.

After setting up the SYBAss (Superyacht Builders Association) Sustainability Committee, VSY is the leading brand in sustainability with numerous events, think tanks and, of course, projects with responsibility at its core.

“The most important way to really do something not just properly,” adds Vienna Eleuteri, “but have a bigger positive impact on our society is to get a lighter footprint, embrace naval green technology and an organic vision of the production chain including a cradle-to-cradle perspective of our product, at the same time, re-investing in ocean conservation.”

Sustainability isn’t just the brand’s ethos, as new lines dictate the future of yachting for the Italian shipyard after reaching the spotlight with Stella Maris ‘the godmother of the environment’. We caught up with Vienna about the latest projects underway in Italy.

“We have completely new platform for the 64-metre, it’s fantastic. We are going to deliver for sure within 2018 beginning 19, it’s going really great,” concludes Vienna Eleuteri. “We have a brand-new family line, including the 83-metre we have the 68-metre and the 77-metre, and it evolves the line, the iconic stella maris, we spoke a lot about the godmother of the environment and, of course, exterior design by Espen Oeino.”

For more information on the eco initiatives such as WateRevolution and the SYBAss Sustainability Committee, or for a closer look at the projects in the yard, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts