MYS: West Nautical Talks Expanding to Meet Demand

By Ben Roberts

With a new Management and Crew Recruitment edge, West Nautical is expanding into new grounds with a view of increasing the value of services already on offer. We speak to Andrey Lomakin, CEO or West Nautical, and Geoff Moore, Managing Director, about the changes already in play.

“We’ve opened a new office in Antibes in the last 12 months,” adds Geoff Moore. “We’ve expanded the team quite a lot in that department, therefore we’ve basically brought in more in-house services, we’ve become an MLC certified Crew Recruitment Division, and that’s been based down in Antibes so that has given us a lot more PR as a company.”

Offering a certified solution to crew management and recruitment is just one string in the bow of the global brokerage house, brought about by a new pro-active take on changing client demands.

“We were very reactionary,” adds Geoff Moore, “now we’re being far more objective and very pro-active and bringing in people to complete the services in-house. We’ve brought in a Technical Department, Financial Department, Project Department and Crew Recruitment Department because they were the demands of our clients. We’ve brought more people in so we can push forward for the latter part of this year and 2018.”

At the turn of the year, West Nautical brokered a deal to bring a Sanlorenzo 52 Steel to life for a client; we asked what makes the project different, and why Sanlorenzo is a shipyard to watch as 2018 hangs on the horizon.

“Sanlorenzo 52m is a very interesting project,” adds Andrey Lomakin, “the shipyard put a lot of their expertise and they built a big volume boat […] they have a lot of fantastic technical solutions and what is more interesting, they’re bringing a lot of high-quality equipment […] so the quality of Sanlorenzo is going very high.”

With six offices, two in the UK, two in France and now two in Russia, the brokerage firm has taken a 100% Russian client base and globalised their network to offer brokerage, sales, new-build and management across the world. Watch the full video for more information on the future of West Nautical.

By Ben Roberts