MYS: Winch on Cloud 9 and the Nucleus of Design

By Ben Roberts

When it comes to world-class designs, dominating the world of both interior and exteriors, Winch Design takes expert craftsmanship and transforms it into the desires of tomorrow’s owner.

With the remarkable Cloud 9 and Areti representing this talent and expertise at the MYS, we gain an exclusive insight at the Breaking News Centre into their partnership with Mr. Zuccon and the projects yet to grace the water in 2018.

“The owners of today and tomorrow are asking us to do more and more varied projects … this client is very trusting of me which is great, we did a complete collection of interior visuals with every cushion and every feature in it. The client and his wife saw them and loved them, and said ‘build me that boat’. He had great confidence in us and gave us carte blanche to get on with it, I love the boat.”

CRN’s Cloud 9 is one the key displays at this year’s superyacht showcase, with a unique and fascinating ethos behind the design. Built for an owner looking to cruise the world, this 74m example of synergy in style reflects a core ethos at the heart of the yachting experience; family.

The unique feature is that it’s relaxing throughout the boat … it’s a beautiful soft feel, driftwood beach chic. If I pick an area, I think the main deck area outside saloon is very relaxing and beautiful. It’s a holiday boat, but the owner’s have been on board for over four months non-stop, two children, Mr & Mrs, the teacher, the nanny, guests and the owner’s mother, they’ve lived on board for four months and it’s home.”

With a gym which transforms into a school for long voyages, ideal interiors and ample space to enjoy the world’s natural beauty on deck or inside, Cloud 9 is a marvel.

A prolific studio with a revered designer at the helm, Winch Design works on myriad projects and designs that are slowly shifting the landscape of modern yachting.

For more information on the four Winch Design projects on display at the show, the lifestyle of Cloud 9 and the new projects underway at the UK creative house, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts