MYS16: A Closer Look at Martha Ann with IYC

By Ben Roberts

Martha Ann is a stunning superyacht from the drawing board of Espen Oeino and the halls of Lürssen Yachts, but to get to know her properly, an expert insight is required. We spoke to Katya Jaimes, Sales & Charter Consultant for IYC, to learn more about what makes Martha Ann different.

Seventy metres and with enough room on board to host a spectacular evening with up to 150 people, or cruise the oceans in complete comfort, Martha Ann is a superyacht in its truest form.

“She’s a very special yacht," explains Jaimes, "apart from her size she’s 70 metres long, heel lines are just striking it’s a yacht that doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s very beamy as well, so she’s got huge volume, six decks […] there’s a home theatre, swimming pool with bar stools, there is a big gym […] massive master suite, she can accommodate up to 18 guests.”

With a dedicated crew of experts who have been on board for seven years, this is a superyacht designed to a meticulous standard and executed to perfection.

Learn more about Martha Ann by clicking here or getting in touch with Katya Jaimes directly for more information.

By Ben Roberts