MYS16: A Ground-Breaking Year for Mulder Design

By Paul Joseph

On the second day of the Monaco Yacht show we had the pleasure of inviting Founder Frank Mulder, and Bas Mulder, the Owner of Mulder Design into the Breaking News Centre.

After a very exciting year for the studio, we discussed how a strong family heritage and future has shaped the company success, and of course, discussed the AM37 tender collaboration with Aston Martin, and Spectre, Bennetti and Mulder’s ongoing motor yacht project. 

“Yachts have been in Holland for ages. It’s a great country to use yachts, we have nice inland waters and no big waves so it’s pleasant. I think this helps.”

“We started the Spectre project with Benetti over a year ago, we’ve started the design and now all the engineering is done. It’s progressing very well and it’s an exciting project. It has a 69m steel hull and we’re using a high speed cruising hull which is 30 percent more efficient than a traditional displacement boat and as far as we know it’s the first yacht that has a right control system, helping to reduce the pitch movement on the yacht.”

“We always think long term. It’s not about next year. In this case, it’s about the next generation, I have two sons and I think they will also join the company. We need to make sure we take it easy and we don’t grow too big.”

“Yesterday we had the launch of the AM37 and we were asked by quintessential yachts to do the engineering. Aston Martin did the overall exterior design and we did all the technical parts. It’s very exciting and it’s running around in the show. The automotive industry and a luxury brand together was a real extra.”

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By Paul Joseph
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