MYS16: A New Era for Picchiotti Motor Yachts

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

The Picchiotti motor yacht fleet is a young and exciting arm of the Perini Navi family, compared to its unparalleled sailing heritage that is; but the experience of life on board is largely undocumented.

This year at MYS we were lucky enough to Luca Boldrini, the newly appointed Sales Director of Picchiotti, to find out more about what makes Picchiotti different yet what integrates it so well into the Perini group. We also hear about new projects and the future of the Picchiotti Division, which holds some exciting developments and great expansion.

“Luckily our fleet is a fleet of passionate navigators, they want to outstream the usage of the boat, similar to what has been done by the Perini clients on the Perini vessels. In fact, we found a nice situation where we had one of our sailing yachts, Rosehearty cruising alongside one of our motor yachts towards the north passage and they were communicating, the captains were exchanging the routes and working up towards the north passage together.”

“Today we launched a new logo for the shipyard, it’s the first step in showing the real integration into the Perini Navi group. It shows the Perini family heritage. I hope soon we’ll have a new website and in mid-November we’ll invite you to a press conference to show our new models and distinctive elements of the new Picchiotti line.”

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By Rose-Hannah Lishman
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