MYS16: ACREW On Creating A Superyacht Community

By Paul Joseph

Working on a superyacht can be a hugely fulfilling experience, and one company is attempting to make the service even more seamless by creating a community of learning for captains and crew.

We sat down with Abi McGrath, Managing Partner at ACREW, at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, to find out more.

“We’ve been around for four years now. ACREW is the largest community of captains and crew on superyachts in the world and we provide them with learning opportunities. Normally workshops for all department, so we do helping captains manage their crew, look after their crew, we think about technology, we think about hospitality, latest trends, teaching the interior crew what’s happening in the finest restaurants in the world so they’re able to bring that experience to their guests,” she explained.

“For captains and crew we’re the community and for businesses we’re a marketing platform. So essentially, if you have a product or service and want chief stewards or you want captains to know your product or service you can come to us and as long as it’s really going to help the, we can work with you to build a workshop around the topic and you’re demonstrating thought leadership.”

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By Paul Joseph