MYS16: Bahamas on a New Luxury Destination Accolade

By Paul Joseph

The Bahamas has been a playground for the rich and famous for decades and its calm waters offer superb sailing conditions.

The Bahamas is keen to build on these attributes by attracting more superyachts to its seas. And after receiving two prizes in two years at the World Travel Awards, it has every reason to be optimistic about its hopes.

“We’re delighted, in fact it’s the second one we’ve won at the World Travel Awards, back in December we won the top romance destination in the world, so followed up two weeks ago in Jamaica we got the award for the best luxury destination in the Caribbean so we were really pleased about that" said Tommy Thompson, Deputy Director General at the Bahamas Ministry of Tourism.

“We decided to really go after the superyachts market" added General Manager Earl Miller. "It’s a very lucrative market because it’s natural for us, being a nautical nation, we have 700 islands stretching over 100,000 miles of clear water."

“These individuals who come with their superyachts have a playground for year’s end, if they want to, anchorages that we haven’t even discovered yet. So we feel it’s a natural fit for us to go after the superyachts market.”

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By Paul Joseph