MYS16: Benetti BNOW Brings Yachts to the Water Faster

By Ben Roberts

After launching their latest and largest yacht, the 90 metre superyacht Lionheart, Benetti Yachts are moving into a new phase in their already substantial history. We discussed how the challenge of building their largest yachts is leading the charge for brand-new concepts.

With yachts emerging from the Benetti yard gradually increasing in size for the past 143 years, they explain how this slow evolution helped them perfect each size range. Fabio Ermetto tells us about a new concept, Benetti NOW and what’s on the future cards for the company.

“We are very pleased to publically announce Benetti NOW, a revolutionary business model for us started one year ago. We basically have pre-engineered and pre-designed boats based on the experience on more than 350 yachts we’ve built so far. Shortly we will start the production for two of these boats, in hope this will shorten the waiting time for clients.”

“Going-bigger is something everyone would like to do, but we used our experience the other way around. Our size range starts from 95 and we are bringing down all the experience of larger yachts. At the same time, the 50-80 meters were good grounds to go over 80 in a wise way.”

“I think a lot of clients enjoy the experience with Benetti. The passion of our people really impresses all of our clients and the attention they put into their daily job is quite unique. It’s the heritage of 143 years and being part of the largest and still family owned yachting group in the world.”

“We have recently been proud to launch deliver Lionheart to their owners and i’m sure they’re enjoying the boat and it was an important step. We have entered the gigayacht business. We also have some 300+ meter yachts under construction at an advanced stage. Relatively shortly you’ll see some of these boats in the water.”

By Ben Roberts
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