MYS16: BVI Tourism Seeking To Attract More Superyachts

By Paul Joseph

The British Virgin Islands has long been known for its beautiful waters and calm trade winds that offer perfect sailing conditions. As a result, the islands have always been a magnet for yachting visitors - and now the country is making a further push to attract more superyachts.

During the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, we spoke with Ginny Hawksley, Manager of BVI Tourism, to learn more about how the BVI is becoming increasingly well-equipped to welcome the world’s largest vessels.

“We’ve always really been perceived as luxurious because we’ve got so many private islands, but certainly over the last 10-15 years we’ve had more luxury hotels and lots of luxury villas as well and therefore the infrastructure is now able to accommodate all of these places. But the private islands make it very special and very different to the rest of the Caribbean,” she told us.

“We’ve got 60 islands in total and throughout the BVI we’ve got so many beaches and little coves I couldn’t even begin to count them, but only 28,000 people living there, so it’s really unspoiled and not built up. There’s no franchises, no big hotels, and then we have the baths which are these incredible boulders made of volcanic rock and we’re quite famous for those.”

She continued: “We’ve been doing a lot of marketing over the last ten years or so and more and more [superyachts] have been discovering us, through word of mouth, that it’s a great place to come. It’s such a safe place to be, I think that’s important for the superyacts. There’s lots for crews to do as well, which is important when they’re on their time off.

“Obviously we have luxury marinas including YCCS which is very popular with superyachts and also there’s no hassle. When they come off their superyachts and go on the islands they know that they can just go about their business [...] you can really just enjoy the luxury of the islands.”

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By Paul Joseph