MYS16: BWA Yachting on the Road to Bermuda 2017

By Paul Joseph

The idea of creating the ultimate spectator seats for a historic championship of true sailors is a notion built for the superyacht lifestyle. Looking after the superyachts set across the ringside of the America’s Cup in Bermuda 2017 will be BWA Yachting, the world leading marine service. To find out exactly what’s on offer, we speak to CEO Stefano Tositti.

BWA Yachting is proud to share details on their partnership with the America’s Cup Event where they will manage and deliver the America’s Cup Superyacht Programme.

“This year the America’s Cup has decided to appoint only BWA as an exclusive partner and we have created a team which has worked quite well with local and big support by America’s Cup of course and by local authorities like the tourist board and so on. We are able to achieve a great result, already with one year in advance we are fully booked.”

“It is fantastic because the modern America’s Cup is really a competition where technology and the sea is all linked together in an extremely high level connection and of course these catamarans are with the state of the art technology. In a location like Bermuda they are going to offer a unique experience”

When discussing growth and expansion, it is clear BWA remain leading pioneers in technology for superyacht owners globally as well as contributing to the future of the industry.

“Our company has invested many years, quite a relevant part of our budget into technology. We have our own integral software and we are developing products and applications for us and now in the future for the industry. So the idea is to really connect the BWA world map and offices and destinations with the clients.”

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By Paul Joseph