MYS16: Cecil Wright on a Bespoke Experience

By Ben Roberts

Just after selling a yacht is always a good time to speak to a yacht broker and this was the happy situation we found ourselves in with Cecil Wright, when he sat down with us at the Monaco Yacht Show.

Mr Wright and charter broker Claire van der Vorm joined us to discuss this year's Monaco Yacht Show, the current charter market, popular destinations and more.

“We’re a small business, I’ve been involved in loads of new builds over the years and every time we put a new build together we’re hoping it’s going to be some sort of big development.

"Invariably there are small adjustments here and there, and boats get better, but this year we’re very excited we have a 76-metre under construction at Van Lent and it will be their very first ever unfared yacht, for delivery Spring 2018.

Just days before the show, Henry Smith of Cecil Wright confirmed the sale of Kingdom Come, commenting moments after the sale; “Kingdome Come offers something unique and we are delighted to have sealed the deal as we head to Monaco.”

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By Ben Roberts