MYS16: Giovanni Tamburi Discusses His Partnership with Benetti

By Paul Joseph

Giovanni Tamburi is a man with yachting racing through his blood. Already a successful businessman, it was no surprise when he decided to invest in a yachting company, and when it came to choosing the right one, it was an easy decision.

We sat down with Mr Tamburi at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show to find out more about his blossoming relationship with a doyen of the yachting world. 

“I’ve been negotiating with Paolo Vitelli for many years to enter the capital of that company. I’m very glad, more than one year ago we finalised the deal. Before we owned the estate, helping a lot increasing the value of the company and making acquisitions, alliances, etc, we had very nice programmes.

“Benetti is the biggest group in the world. If you consider Azimut Division and Benetti Division, around 750 million euro sales is the biggest group of yachting in the world.

“First of all, I think Benetti is the only shipyard in the world that puts together design, style, heritage, technology […] and the concentration of excellence and when you have all these together we’re probably more flexible than the German or Dutch shipyards. We are more inclined to style, design than other shipyards."

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By Paul Joseph
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