MYS16: Gulf Craft on the Superyacht Culture of the UAE

By Christina Tsangaris

CEO of Gulf Craft Erwin Bamps has been at the heart of Gulf Craft for years, pushing the notion of excellence on the water throughout his team, its products, and sharing his views on ethical yacht building across the industry. We speak to Erwin to find out more about the UAE’s top superyacht builder and how their approach brings something new to the global forum.

Gulf Craft begins by sharing why the UAE is the ideal place to take on such vast and spectacular creations like their newest release the Majesty 155, as well as how marketing to Emirati clients remains full of promise and possibility.

“There’s a very strong boating and yachting heritage in the UAE, looking from desert to the water is the most striking feature of the Emirates.”

“We believe not only do we have an asset there in terms of the market and the type of buyers today, Arabs have a large representation in the superyacht industry in terms of buyers, but also we have a workforce around us from India to Southeast Asia, to the Gulf itself.”

Emirates-based Shipyard shares how creations such as the Majesty 155 pave the way in illustrating Gulf Craft’s creative concepts and vision of innovation. “The Escape Majesty 155, the 47 metre here, is trying to show people what we’re trying to do in terms of finishing, detailing, styling and engineering.”

Gulf Craft has also announced plans to start manufacturing superyachts over 50 metres, revealing riveting new concept designs for the 61 metre Majesty 200 and the 53 metre Majesty 175, both ready for

Erwin BampsGulf Craft’s Chief Executive Officer, said the decision to venture into the world of megayachts comes as a natural progression for the company, which for more than three decades has been helping seafarers explore the world’s waters with its expanding portfolio of oceangoing yachts.

Gulf Craft’s spirit has always been one of great ambition,” says Bamps. “There were challenges to the size of yachts we can build, but we strived to overcome these limitations – in the last three years alone we successfully launched the Majesty 155, the Majesty 135, and the Majesty 122, and we have received multiple successive orders for each.”

“Today, rising private wealth combined with growing worldwide interest in the yachting lifestyle, and a strong desire to spend more time on water, is creating an emerging demand for products that can deliver the ultimate luxury cruising experiences in both engineering and design,” adds Bamps. “And now, with the introduction of the Majesty 200 and the Majesty 175, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, redefining the possibilities of yachting, and transforming our customers’ most lavish seafaring aspirations into reality.”

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By Christina Tsangaris
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