MYS16: H2 Offer Creativity At Great Lengths

By Christina Tsangaris

When a yacht designer as experienced as Jonny Horsfield says he has hit on “a new way of building a superyacht”, there’s good reason to sit up and listen.

And that’s exactly what he told us during our conversation at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show, where he waxed lyrical about the 107 metre superyacht Ulysses among other subjects.

“I think she’s a really interesting development in the industry in general because she’s offering something quite new to potential clients"

“She’s a great shop window for other potential clients who are maybe a bit reluctant to enter into the market because of costs getting so high and they still want a bigger platform, but she also offers all the space and a great platform at a budget that people are quite interested in. So it’s a new way of building a superyacht really."

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By Christina Tsangaris
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