MYS16: Luxury Projects on Creating Nero's New Look

By Christina Tsangaris

Continuously looking for innovation in their endeavors, Luxury Projects create tasteful superyacht interiors, and have now announced a number of exciting new projects.

From modern chandeliers to outdoor fabrics on indoor furniture and 90 metre refit projects, we sat down with CEO and Founder, Laura Pomponi, to discuss the latest yacht projects and the younger generation’s new affinity to the lived-in look.

“It’s been a really busy year for Luxury Projects: the year of refits. We’ve delivered three refitted yachts and have under process another two. It’s been really interesting because many different styles came into the picture. We delivered two Hessens, one is a 42m and the major job was done in the beach club. We created this new space with new materials and lighting... it was a challenge. Another is Destiny, a 38m yacht that houses cherry wood to white lacquer with a very young owner."

“At the moment we have a lot of young owners and we like the challenge we have with them; experimenting. It’s all about creating atmospheres to be lived in and feel at home.”

“We are happy to announce that we’ve just got a new re-fit of a 90m, Nero, a traditional vessel. Although we generally like to go bigger and bigger, we like any project where we can challenge ourselves with innovation. We’re open to any style or a new path with a new owner.”

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By Christina Tsangaris
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