MYS16: Moran Yacht & Ship Sign Project Grande

By Ben Roberts

Moran Yacht & Ship has announced the completion of a sale for a superyacht called Project Grande, designed by Eidsgaard Design for a repeat client and reportedly bound for the Lurssen Yachts shipyard.

The Moran Yacht & Ship fleet is an ever-growing expanse of exciting new projects either underway or due for delivery. The latest of these projects, Rob Moran tells us, is Grande; an incredible superyacht with countless lifestyle features and ample accommodation.

Yet, this is just the latest in a string of successful deliveries and new-builds. “This year we’ve delivered three yachts, we have eleven under construction right now,” explains Rob Moran, President of Moran Yacht & Ship. “The three we delivered this year were the 61m Hakvoort Just J’s, we delivered a 52m Mangusta for an American client and we have the 106m [Y712] which was put in the water.”

Plvs Vltra is delivered," continues Rob,"She’s in Turkey right now, cruising with the owner. He loves the boat, the boat came out great, it’s definitely the best boat that Amels has ever built."

Palo Alto is going great,” adds Rob, “the boat is going very well, the design company is Winch and they’re doing a great job as well.”

With Project Redwood being announced through the Breaking News Centre last year and Palo Alto before that, the insights into the latest projects with Moran is something keeping everyone on their toes.

For more information on Project Grande, as well as insights into the Moran Yacht & Ship fleet on the drawing boards, in the yard and on the water, watch the above video in full. Alternatively, stay tuned to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for fast-paced updates across the Monaco Yacht Show.

By Ben Roberts