MYS16: OneOcean Port Vell on the Rise of Barcelona

By Paul Joseph

In heart of Barcelona is OneOcean Port Vell, a superyacht marina providing superyacht owners cruising the waters of Spain direct access to the historic city, offering respite from the beautiful coastline. We speak to General Manager about what the development is bringing to the table for both superyacht owner, and the country.

Visitors have always been attracted to the beauteous Mediterranean waters, and Barcelona is no different. Offering a wealth of discoveries, this newly untapped superyacht destination is the place to be.

“They’re looking to go West. They’re finding that Spain is very very good to do both privately and chartering as well. It’s an easy place to come to, very welcoming and has some fantastic locations. [...] In Barcelona we have a huge amount of nightclubs. 24 Michelin star restaurants and it’s incredibly diverse.” states Paul Cook.

When sharing just why Barcelona has been coined as the newest, most exciting superyacht destination, Paul Cook explains why this hub of the Mediterranean caught the eye of Martin Bellmany, Chairman of Salamanca.

“Salamanca, the group, Martin Bellmany, the Chairman saw Barcelona as an untapped diamond and he was right. That’s why we’ve gone in there and invested”

“Without the right location then you’ll never attract the yachts there. What we’ve done with that 85 million is we’ve totally changed a marina that catered for 450 yachts into one that caters for roughly 160 and the longest wharf in the superyacht marina.”

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By Paul Joseph