MYS16: Palumbo on New Activity Breeding New Projects

By Rose-Hannah Lishman

Palumbo Group is a lead company in the mega yacht refitting and repairing industry right in the heart of the Mediterranean. Marked by its unrivalled innovation, Giulio Maresca Yard Manager at the Palumbo Group shares details on the company’s latest endeavours across Europe.

“Palumbo Group started its activity more or less 49 years ago and step by step we’ve built from the ground up. I joined the group 6 years ago more or less as a captain for the new building in the yachting and shipping division. Today from 3 days ago i’m the new co-ordinator for the refit operation. I manage 6 different shipyards in the Mediterranean” shares Giulio.

“In Monaco yacht show we have Divine it’s a Columbus yacht 40 metres sport hybrid, it’s a hybrid propolody yachts very nice, very attractive with a lot of innovation like hybrid propulsion and yes as I say we keep the yacht brand and the logo, we keep the philosophy a lot of quality of the yacht.” Giulio adds.

“I can say we are the biggest network in the Mediterranean, and we can firmly say that we can modify the asset of the business in the Mediterranean with a powerful team of project management, technicians, surveyors, from tenerife to malta.”

We’ll continue this activity, we have at the moment one 70 metre under construction we call it the route 66. It’s a grand tourismo keep building the famous Isa 120 which is more or less around 10 boats and we have very nice news [...] which is the Isa 121 which is sort of a revisitation of the Isa 120. It’s taking some idea from the automotive from Bugatti.”

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By Rose-Hannah Lishman