MYS16: Perini Navi on Taking Sailing to New Lengths

By Ben Roberts

After launching their latest and largest yacht, the 70 metre sailing yacht Sybaris, Perini Navi has cemented their position as experts of life under sail. With Sybaris debuting as one of the largest yachts of the Monaco Yacht Show, and a world of sailing. Their truly elegant creation fuses supreme innovation with visionary concepts that utilise Philippe Briand’s idea of being ‘close to the water’ in its design.

“It was very much a project to try and create something for when the project would be ready. We’re trying to look into the future we concentrated on Perini Navi, where the styling of the vessel was concerned we certainly tried to accompany that with the naval architecture that we developed together with Philippe, also of course the interiors were set in a completely different bar to what we were accustomed to”

Offering an unparalleled experience that exceeds the imaginable, Perini Navi commits to offering the experience that is immersive, distinguishing it from alternative models not only in its design but its overall vision to create a change in spatial relativity, bringing owners closer to the water.

“That closeness to water is very much our own philosophy. We have been working as a design feature always to be at oneness with the surrounding, that sense that one has on board Sybaris, the sill lines, the main salon areas, the proximity to the water these are all the features created by our own design. Absolutely Sybaris today reflects a milestone for us from a design perspective. There is a different nature to the design in the profile of that yacht, a result of our own design revolution”

“[The design team] have lived through the history and the story and the development of Perini Navi. They have been the people who have created what one sees today, that blending with the construction techniques isn’t necessarily such an immediate blend, the construction ensures that profile and that layout and oneness can work properly and actually executed exceptionally”

For more information on how the team at Perini Navi create an experience close to the water like no other, watch the full video above.

By Ben Roberts
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