MYS16: The Future Fleet of Turquoise Yachts

By Ben Roberts

Today we invited Mehmet Karabeyoglu, CEO of Turquoise Yachts, into the studio. He discusses the current projects underway at the shipyard, and more specifically, the new fleet dictating the future of Turquoise Yachts and how the design will change the way people live on the water.

It’s an exciting phase for the brand as the 47, 66 and 77 metre superyachts in production at present edge closer to the water.

“The Explorer Yacht is something very interesting for us. It’s a true Explorer Yacht, not one that just looks like an explorer the owner wants to go to the South Pole and North Pole so it has many features that a commercial boat would have but built to a yacht standard. This started as a re-fit but then ended up as a new build which is very exciting for us."

“Our new ownership is supporting the company very well. We can start multiple design projects. For a same given hull we will have several designs. The new owner also has vast experience with interior layouts as a result of his other projects from Oceanco. We’re very fortunate to have him on board.”

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By Ben Roberts
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