MYS16: The Gustavia Yacht Club Comes to St. Barths

By Paul Joseph

In a few short months, an initial idea can be transformed into a fully-fledged development and for Simon Piggot and Jean-Pierre Hennequet, founding members of the Gustavia Yacht Club, this quick turn around is becoming an exciting reality.

This year at the Monaco Yacht Show, we had the opportunity to sit down and discuss the new St. Barths social-space and learn about what the future holds for a destination that plays perfect home to a brand new development. In a short interview, Piggot and Hennequet reveal what’s to come from the Gustavia Yacht Club.

“St. Barts hasn’t had a yacht club from a very long time. Stelios Haji-Ioannou founder of the EasyGroup and Jean-Pierre who lives on the island 4 months a year or more. A number of friends suggested we had a place to gather and talk about yachting, sailing and all the great activities you can do in St. Barts.”

“We started to think about the project in january, the not-for-profit organisation was registered in June and by early August we were talking to potential founding members to fund the project! We’re also discussing a royal patronage on the club.”

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By Paul Joseph