MYS16: Understanding the Draw of Charter in Antigua

By Christina Tsangaris

Anne Marie Martin, Director of Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting and Paul Deeth, Chairman of Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting join the Breaking News Centre to discuss what makes Antigua a great superyacht destination as well as how the charter market has grown.

“Antigua is the mecca for yachting. we have always had a history of sailing. Antigua is unique in the sense that the yachting industry is vibrant, we have international airports we have 3 main harbours, beautiful hillsides a lot of history and beautiful people.

[Also] its central location in the Caribbean, if your guests want to Charter to the South or North we’re in the centre so it’s a great place to base your boat or start your trip from.” shares Anne Marie Martin.

When discussing the appeal of Antigua as a Charter location including how it remains a leading destination alongside some of its competitors.

“We offer in the Caribbean a very safe location for chartering. Traditionally it’s always been the Mediterranean Caribbean but we’re holding our own percentage, although there are other destinations coming in they’re not a major threat to our market.” adds Paul Deeth.

“For us in Antigua we have the service industry that supports the charter base, so here we have the Marina services, the electronics [...] your hotels, your restaurants, it’s just an excellent location for chartering.” states Anne Marie Martin. 

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By Christina Tsangaris