MYS16: Westport Discuss A History of Quality

By Paul Joseph

Westport have a rich history of high quality yacht building that is widely recognised across the industry.

We sat down with Daryl Wakefield, President of Westport, to discuss the company’s heritage and how they continue to strive for success.

“We’ve got a lot of employees that have been there longer than the ownership. There’s a number of them that have been there nearly 40 years. It’s a great group of people, a great dedicated crew, I can’t say enough about their enthusiasm. Especially about new product, which is always exciting, so we’re very fortunate," he says.

“We’ve always been pretty conservative in our styling and we’re reaching out a little bit now with some of the new stuff, but all in all it’s important to us we want the yacht to remain timeless, so getting too advanced or even too traditional sort of date stamps it, and we don’t want to do that. We want it so that any time you look at the boat it leaves a question in your mind, is that new or is that old?”

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By Paul Joseph