MYS16: Y.CO on New Locations and Latest Projects

By Paul Joseph

Some of the finest experts in handling demand for the newest projects and the largest yachts, Y.CO joins to discuss the current state of demand for large new-build projects, and what those projects could be in three years time.

Charlie Birkett (Co-Founder and CEO) and Gary Wright (Co-Founder & Chairman) tell us about the company’s latest developments both in and out of office, discussing trends in the market and their fundraising future.

“The clients we’re working with are looking for single deck living, where you can mix with all your friends and family on one deck. I think most people aren’t focusing as much on the cabin spaces, there isn’t high demand for large cabins anymore because they’d rather be outside doing watersports”

“Now we’ve moved office we have all 80 people who are present in Monaco on one floor of our office. It’s quite google-esque in it’s style. We have break-away areas, brain-storming walls, and we’ve finally got all the space we wanted and we’re really proud of it.”

“This year inside the harbour we have the wonderful Panthalassa which is a wonderful Perini sailing yacht, we have the slightly more classic Alejandra and we have Eleven Eleven showing today for Charter to name just a few... It’s always good when you have so many yachts in the show that you can’t name them all!”

“Every few years we take on a challenge at Y.CO. This year we have 1000 mile bike ride across Vietnam and Cambodia that we’re doing in December and we hope to raise some money for charity as we’ve done before.”

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By Paul Joseph