Nauta Design & Maori Yachts Introduce the Maori 78 Tender

By Ben Roberts

Nauta Yacht Design has introduced a new, stylish 78’ high tech luxury tender in collaboration with Maori Yachts.

The Maori 78’ reproduces the close relationship between the people on board and the marine environment; creating a “closeness” to the sea unlike any other tender through low freeboards. The numerous and spacious lounging, sunbathing and diving areas represent the nature of fun the vessel was built to pursue.

Belowdecks the Maori 78’ features a fantastic open space owner’s suite, a guest cabin forward and a crew cabin aft. All have independent entrances, and are flooded with light.

The concept behind this project features forefront minimalist design, with modern and aggressive lines. The design styling is strong with lots of straight lines, split segments and flat surfaces. Bright colours have been used for the upholstery and in the understated yet sophisticated interiors. All materials are top quality.

Cutting edge design, high tech construction and first class equipment make the Maori 78’, available in both “limo” (covered saloon) and open versions, a luxury tender of unique elegance and extraordinary comfort, perfect for use as a superyacht tender.

By Ben Roberts