New Explorer Yacht Concept Taboo Ready to Break Ice

By Ben Roberts

The world-capable 90-metre explorer superyacht concept ‘Taboo’ has arrived from the drawing boards of Gill Schmid Design and Tim Dempers Studio with imposing style and size.

Created for the thrill seekers and next generation owners looking for something different from their adventures, Taboo can reach the furthest corners of the globe for polar or exotic adventures with a world of lifestyle opportunities on board.

With space for planes, helicopters, submarines, amphibious cars, supercars, luxury tenders and even a hot air balloon, Taboo brings the world of exploration with you.

On board, night clubs, banquet rooms and glass pools join exotic aquariums, transforming spaces and vast interiors for every possible option. The adaptability of the spaces themselves are a key aspect of the design, with indoor glass walled pools and fish tanks, gym and spa areas and expansive entertainment spots such as bar and beach club.

The styling of Taboo itself sets the yacht concept apart with monochromatic exterior styling and imposing stature and incredible height. Whatever an owner may need, it’s hard not to find it on board Taboo.

By Ben Roberts