New Mangusta Maxi Open 110 is Launched

By Anna Solomon

Mangusta have launched the new Maxi Open 110, the fourth unit of the successful 110 series to come out of the Italian shipyard. The 33.5m, which was built for a European owner, hit the water at Viareggio for the first time yesterday.

The brand new boat embodies the ‘Mangusta Maxi Open’ concept - it is all about the performance, with two MTU 2600 HP engines propelling the Mangusta 110 to just over 33 knots. And she is just as comfortable as she is powerful, gliding effortlessly through the waves with minimal noise and vibration thanks to waterjet propulsion.

The presence of a gyroscopic stabilization system attenuates the pitch and roll of the vessel, as well as allowing the the Mangusta 110 to cruise at low speed in fuel-efficiency mode (indeed, she is an eco conscious vessel, utilising last-generation low emission engines). The combined effect of these measures is that the comfort onboard of this Maxi Open is unrivalled, both at anchor and while cruising.

Further establishing the 33.5m as a vessel of utmost functionality, a limited draft of just 1.7 allows for cruising in the most exclusive waters. Maneuverability is enhanced with the use of a joystick and a dynamic positioning system that allows the vessel to remain in a specific GPS position without being affected by the tide, wind or current. The Mangusta 110 has used all the technological means at her disposal - she is a truly modern yacht .

Outwardly, the boat is characterised by the sleek and sporty lined for which the Maxi Open series is known. Her interior, meanwhile, the appointment of which was carried out by Netherlands designer Piet Boon in cooperation with the Shipyard’s in-house Design and Decoration Office, has large volumes which achieve a harmonious balance between the indoors and out. The comfort and luxury commissioned by the Owner is felt in numerous socialising areas, extensive private spaces, and ambient indoor and al fresco dining spots.

The long-established experience of the Balducci family, combined with continual research and innovation in the field of yacht building, means an assurance of quality for all Mangusta models. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the Maxi Open series.

By Anna Solomon
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